LAN QIAO International Collegiate
Programming Contest 2018

# the second international contest review #

About us

Lan Qiao Cup is the largest professional computer contest in China. Since 2010, the contest has been held for nine times, once a year. Since its start, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and other Chinese first-class universities, more than 1,400 institutions from 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China selected outstanding students to attend the contest. The number of participants for the past 9 years is over 25 million.

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Contest site
On the morning of November 3st, US time, the second International competition of Lan Qiao Cup was held in MIT and Princeton in the United States at the same time. Morethan 60 domestic and foreign players, including Peking University, Hohai University, ZhengZhou University,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Rutgers University,Northeastern University and Boston University , participated in the competition. The second Lan Qiao International Competition presented a superb racing lineup.

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International competition was in the form of programming competition on computer and the competition duration was 5 hours. All questions of the first Lan Qiao International Competition are programming design questions, including simulation, recursion, recursion, divide and conquer, string processing, search, data structure, graph theory, computational geometry and other algorithms and algorithm thoughts, comprehensively inspecting and testing the player's programming skills.

After five hours’ intense competition, Zhezheng Luo, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a former US national team member from the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), won the first prize first place in the competition. He Jiaao from Tsinghua University in China won the first prize second place. Peking University, New Jersey State Rutgers University, East China University of Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic University and other eight students won the first prize of the first Lan Qiao International Competition.

Awards ceremony
The 2nd Lan Qiao Cup International Competition was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton from November 2nd to November 8th, 2018. More than 60 players from nearly 30 universities at home and abroad, including MIT, Boston University, Princeton University, Northeastern University (USA), Peking University, Zhengzhou University, Ningxia University, and Hohai University, participated in the competition. The players from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Hohai University won the top two positions, and eight players from Peking University, Anyang Polytechnic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rutgers University and Zhengzhou University won the first prize.

The Executive Secretary of the Competition, Mr. Hou Dacheng and Mr. Cristian Vasile, presented medals and prizes to the winners.
Guest sharing
During the lanqiao international competition, the organizing committee invited guests from different fields to have in-depth
communication with teachers and students.
Before the award ceremony, the contest organization invited Dr. Jinyu Han, a computer scientist who once worked at Amazon and now works for Facebook, to share the valuable experience of working as a software engineer in a well-known American company, and shared some database systems and algorithm used by Facebook. At the same time, he gave valuable suggestions on how to apply for jobs in the US IT companies.
Dr. Jinyu
Mr. Cristian Vasile, a postdoctoral fellow from MIT, shared the latest research topic of MIT Computer and Artificial Intelligence Lab, "Scalable Planning with Temporal Logic Specifications". As one of the leaders of the project, Mr. Cristian introduced the application and research of the project in detail, and shared the core algorithm of the project, and had an eager exchange with the teachers and students on site.
Mr. Cristian Vasile
Investigation and exchange
During the competition, the students visited MIT, Harvard University and Boston University. In the exchanges with teachers and students of these world famous universities, besides the technical exchanges for student training, innovation and entrepreneurship, professional setting, and subject development dynamics, we also feel the multiculturalism, tradition and development, dreams and innovation of American universities. The students also visited the State Capitol, the Boston Public Library, and closely experienced the politics, culture, and history of the United States.
竞赛现场 竞赛现场 竞赛现场 竞赛现场
Award list
Admission No NAME College Award
200019 Zhezheng Luo Massachusetts Institute of Technology First Prize(first place)
200070 Yong Zheng Hohai University First Prize(second place)
200071 Chengke Wang Peking University First Prize
200018 Avichal Goel Massachusetts Institute of Technology First Prize
200062 Xu Liu ZhengZhou University First Prize
200068 Longjie Wang AnYang Institute of Technology First Prize
200069 Ze Kang AnYang Institute of Technology First Prize
200082 Joseph Durie Rutgers University First Prize
200061 Yao Guo ZhengZhou University First Prize
200086 Adam Jamil Rutgers University First Prize
200035 Deeksha Shah Northeastern University Second Prize
200072 Aulene De Rutgers University Second Prize
200007 Chengyuan Wang ShaanXi Polytechnic Institute Second Prize
200008 Xiangshun Kong NanJing City Vocational College Second Prize
200021 Adam Wilson University of Connecticut Second Prize
200016 Guang Yang NingXia University Second Prize
200006 Zaiqiang Dai ShaanXi Polytechnic Institute Second Prize
200010 Cun Lyu HeiLongJiang University of Science and Technology Second Prize
200084 Akif Patel Rutgers University Second Prize
200067 Dingwei Zhang AnYang Institute of Technology Second Prize
200027 Francis Park Boston University Second Prize
200019 Haochen Guo Shanxi College of Communication Techology Second Prize
200014 Gongxin Gao NingXia University Second Prize
200026 Parkarsh Jein Brandeis University Second Prize
200001 Yang Zhang ChongQing College of Electronic Engineering Second Prize
200022 Laura Aiken Bentley University Second Prize
200004 Chaoquan Zhao ChongQing College of Electronic Engineering Second Prize
200028 Fred Ledey Worcester Polytechnic Institute Second Prize
200013 Sai Guo NingXia University Second Prize
200012 Zhenwei Jin NingXia University Second Prize
200020 Prakash Bhetwal Bentley University Second Prize
200029 Leffler Ernest Suffolk University Second Prize
200030 Wendy Luca Northeastern University Third Prize
200011 Xiaotian Zhang NingXia University Third Prize
200017 Sammy Zhang Massachusetts Institute of Technology Third Prize
200005 Ruiyuan Zhao ShaanXi Polytechnic Institute Third Prize
200031 Carl Frank Northeastern University Third Prize
200060 Chenglin Zhou NingXia University Third Prize
200032 Iris Berdrow Northeastern University Third Prize
200065 Zhiyuan Gao ChangZhou College of Information Technology Third Prize
200025 Steven Johei Boston College Third Prize
200009 Weiqiang Wang YunNan Normal University Third Prize
200034 Brandon Ransom Northeastern University Third Prize
200063 Zengwu Yang Xi'An Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute Third Prize
200002 Lei Deng ChongQing College of Electronic Engineering Third Prize
200015 Yuyao Zhu NingXia University Third Prize
200066 Hongyi Tang Jiang Su Normal University Kewen College Third Prize
200003 Jie Huang ChongQing College of Electronic Engineering Third Prize
200033 Moody Alk Northeastern University Third Prize
200024 Cher Piper Bentley University Third Prize
200023 Jennifer Xerox Bentley University Third Prize
200064 Renxia Fan Xi'An Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute Third Prize