Contest Introduction
Lan Qiao Cup is the largest professional computer contest in China. Since 2010, the contest has been held for nine times, once a year. Since its start, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and other Chinese first-class universities, more than 1,400 institutions from 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China selected outstanding students to attend the contest. The number of participants for the past 10 years is over 25 million.

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LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest
Nowadays, China's IT industry is flourishing, professional technology is progressing, talent demand is increasing. As China's largest professional contest, the social influence and professional recognition of Lan Qiao Cup increases year by year. The contest attracts not only the best of China's professional students from China, but also more and more foreign students.
In 2017, for the first time, Lan Qiao Cup walks out of China to hold the international contest, to provide a more open and merged competition platform for the students from different countries, further improve the professional level of the contest and promote professional and cultural exchanges between domestic and international. The international contest will be committed to promote the communication between the world's outstanding professional students and provide an opportunity for mutual understanding and learning..
Lan Qiao Cup International Contest is an international exchange event. The organizing committee will invite college students in computer field from the host country and its neighboring countries to compete with Chinese players. The host country will be replaced once a year.
The 3rd Lanqiao International Competition will be held in Germany from October 25 to 31, 2019.
Princeton Cross-Cultural Educational Services, Inc. (PCCES), is a non-profit organization founded in 2016, headquartered in Princeton, NJ, its primary purpose is to provide educational programs and services to people from various backgrounds of all ages. PCCES is founded on the belief that the world becomes a better place if different cultures understand one another; its mission is to stimulate cross-cultural understanding and communication.
The LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest (LAN QIAO ICPC) is happy to have PCCES partner with us and assist with organizing the contest in the United States. PCCES is authorized by the LAN QIAO ICPC organizers to make decisions, sign documents, and fill out forms, our behalf.
Princeton Multicultural Education Research Center PMERC focuses on the research of ideas, the implementation of multicultural education, and exchange of different institutes between countries, aiming to make education a force to unite people and promote mutual understanding.
Cooperating with the LAN QIAO International Collegiate Programming Contest (LAN QIAO ICPC), PMERC organizes software competitions, student visits & exchange programs every year.

Contest Date

October 26, 2019

Entry Objects

China: Undergraduate and higher vocational college students
International: Undergraduate students

Tel (Germany)

+ 030-314-72-952


Technical University of Berlin, Berlin,Germany

Contest Subjects:

JAVA/C Programming Language


Contest form

The contest includes: team contest, individual contest, design contest, international contest.
The contest is divided into preliminary and final.

About Us
Guoxin LanQiao Education & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a pan-internet corporate that has a long-term commitment to connect institutions with society from online to offline through contest, startup, training and recruitment and to promote education reform, talent growth and society progress. The corporate is headquartered in Beijing, China and sets up branches in Yizhuang (Beijing), Dongguan (Guangdong) and other places.

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Establish People Prosper People

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The greatest truths are the simplest

Review of 8th Lan Qiao Cup

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Institutions with Graduate Exemption
The above institutions are the related computer faculty with postgraduate recommendation
Peking University
University of Science & Technology Beijing
Ocean University
Of China
Capital Normal University
Communication University
of China
Beijing Information Science
AND Technology University
Shanxi University
Qingdao University
Zhengzhou University
University of Shanghai
for Science and Technology
Beijing University
of Technology
qingdao technological